About us

“To show God’s love and compassion in a Christian context, serving those in need; to equip and collaborate with churches, mobilizing them for missions.”

  • To mobilize, equip and collaborate with churches for them to fulfil their potential in missions in Ireland and abroad.

  • To expand GMI work into different parts of the world.

  • To serve and reach out to vulnerable people in society who are destitute.

  • To engage local communities and local businesses with the work.

  • To bring hope to the hopeless.

  • We follow Christian values.

  • Our work is relational.

  • We serve selflessly.

  • Missions is a core value for us.

  • We pursue to engage others in our work.

Global Missions Ireland – GMI is a Christian organization based in Cork and it was born out of the desire to see the Irish Church strongly represented in world mission and to encourage and facilitate churches and individuals to get involved by providing trustworthy and verifiable working partners in Ireland and abroad.

The first mission trip was in 2002 when a team of 16 went from Cork to Latvia. Latvia was just emerging from the tyranny of the Soviet Union and poverty was rife particularly in the rural areas. It was from these first-hand accounts from the returning team that really awaken many of the Irish pastors and leaders to the struggles of churches in the emerging countries and the challenges they faced.

Many church leaders just donate or send resources to the mission field but in fact never really connect with the mission. Unfortunately this can end up becoming quite impersonal and clinical often leading to a real lack of vision in fulfilling the great commission. However, worldviews completely change when leaders and congregations actually visit the mission field and realise a deeper sense of the needs. This is true also for congregations who partake in short term missions’ trips. When we truly connect with the challenge and needs of people, missions make much more sense. Leaders start seeing the importance and value of simply encouraging a church leader and his struggling church or people in their local communities, towns and cities.

The vision to start an Irish mission organization was shared at the next Summer Fire Conference to all the leaders present. From that moment on, several Irish churches started to work in cooperation to mobilise the Irish people for missions at home and abroad. One of the most important things about Global Missions is that everyone can play their part in meeting people’s needs around the world.

GMI has now been running for many years building shelters and orphanages; sending medical teams; conferences and clothing the naked in many parts of the world. In Ireland, we have a food bank program fighting food poverty in the country, helping those who are struggling financially to meet their daily needs. GMI has also built up contacts with friends and partners in Ireland and other organizations overseas. Over the years, GMI has placed many people in short term missions around the world. We believe that together, we can accomplish much more and make the world a better place.