ARK Projects


As the name says these acts or projects show in a very clear and direct way, God’s love and kindness poured out into people’s lives and hearts, through practical deeds and the work of GMI, its partners and volunteers. It is radical love put into practice.


Feed Cork is our food bank program fighting against food poverty in Cork. At the moment, it is distributing weekly an average of a 170 boxes of food to families and individuals that are struggling financially to meet their daily needs. Feed Cork is open every Wednesday from 2 – 4pm. For more information go to


The Shalom School is located in the island of Bubaque, Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.

  • ‘Child of the Future’ is a school program to give a child a future.
  • Most children go to school without breakfast and feeling hungry.
  • The school meal becomes the most important meal of the day.
  • With ONLY €5 A MONTH, you can support a child to have a future.
  • To support a child go to DONATE .


The ‘Dorcas Project’ is a project to help vulnerable and elderly women in the province of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

  • Most of them are widows, living in very poor and substandard conditions.
  • Hunger is a reality.
  • With a €20 month donation, you can help them to live with dignity.
  • To support the Dorcas Project go to DONATE 

GMI OnCall – Medicine with a Mission

Is the Irish branch of OnCall New York and is dedicated to bringing free medical care to people in need. Volunteer medical teams work alongside local humanitarians and missions to provide medical clinics and hospital visits throughout the year. OnCall also provides medical assistance in times of crisis. These teams bring together professionals from all fields of medicine to provide free medical care to those who need it most, primarily in countries where medical services are not readily accessible. GMI medical personnel volunteers can join these teams especially when worldwide crises arise to bring comfort and relief for those in need.



The Wallbuilders call is simple. They build shelters for those in need. We love when individuals with construction, design, and engineering backgrounds get involved, but we also have many volunteers who simply want to get their hands dirty, and have never touched a hammer or paint brush in their lives.
Our teams gladly accept any assistance from volunteers simply willing to do what is required.